Bordeaux Primeurs 2019, il est encore temps

Depuis Avril, les Châteaux et les négociants ont envoyés leurs échantillons aux acheteurs potentiels et journalistes. Dès lors, la qualité exceptionnelle du millésime 2019 s’est imposée aux acteurs principaux. Certains vins dépassent même leur prédécesseur de 2016.
Le plus ? Des prix réduits de manière significative !



"I find the vintage to be outstanding and at the same quality as the extraordinary 2018 but the young wines show more classic, even traditional style with fine tannins and bright and vibrant acidity."
James Suckling
"Two thousand and nineteen is a great vintage. I know. Boring. But my job is to tell it as it is, and that is what it is. It is an excellent vintage...there are instances where the 2019 vintage does surpass everything I have tasted at this unfinished stage, and others where I feel the benchmark 2016s will ultimately be superior.”
Neal Martin - Vinous
"2019 is an outstanding vintage. I’ve heard some mutterings that it is a somewhat inconsistent vintage with a lot of disappointing wines at the lower end. I’ve been looking and looking for those real howlers. Honestly, I haven’t found many."
Robert Parker - The Wine Advocate